Thick Hair Problems

Anonymous said: Help? My hair very thick and annoying. when down it goes to shoulders but its horrible! It used to be waaaay longer but I cut it due to it always getting tangled like a rat nest. I can't wear it ponytail or bun long because I get migraines from it!

Do you like short hair? Talk to your stylist or browse google for short styles you like, otherwise, Goody spin clips are amazing! They spread out the weight and support. I’d also suggest low pony tails and buns, like right at the base of your skull, it doesn’t throw off the weight of your head as much. For controlling it- condition well in the shower (try mixing coconut or olive oil with your shampoo. 1 tbsp to every cup of shampoo or so- it makes your hair softer and sleeker). and find a good frizz control or leave in conditioner.

Anonymous said: Ever since my stylist layered my hair (meaning she cut 3-4 inches off and thinned it considerably), my hair hasn't stayed clean-looking/feeling for more than 1-2 days after washing. Now, after I wash it, it looks greasy and nasty two days afterwards. Before she cut it, it wouldn't look greasy/nasty until about 4 days after washing it. I used to wash my hair 2-3 times a week (frequent washing dries my hair out BADLY), but now I'm having to wash it 4-5 times weekly. What do I do?

Hmmm, It probably has something to do with when she thinned it- there’s less hair to hold the oil. I’d suggest finding a shampoo and conditioner for dry hair. Also make sure you’re rinsing the conditioner from your scalp good, or it’ll make it look greasy.

Anonymous said: Hi! I have thick and frizzy hair and I want to get curls or waves since it is too hard to straighten it... I have tried all the heatless options and none of them have worked including: rollers, braids, etc. I just want to have gorgeous hair! (My hair when wet goes about four to five inches past my shoulder) please help me!!!

I use hot rollers, usually. My hair is ridiculously stubborn when it comes to curling (and it’s long and heavy, so that doesn’t help) so curling irons don’t really work. If you want to avoid heat, I would suggest pin curls. Do pin curls at night (especially if you shower) and then cover them when you sleep. That way in the morning you can style them with your fingers instead of brushing out the curls.

I have also seen good reviews about the Topstyler by Instyler. It’s hot clips you can use on your hair to curl it. I’ve never tried it because the unit is pretty pricey, but I’ve seen good reviews. 

Anonymous said: I have very thick and wavy hair and i just find it so hard to handle. Products don't tame it and straighteners don't do a thing. I would love to braid it but the hair doesn't seem to separate properly an the braids never stay in. It looks stupid by its own and just like a massive puffball. When i get it thinned it returns to thickness in a couple of days and it gets knotted constantly especially in the heat I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO CAN YOU PLEASE HELP WITH ANY OF MY PROBLEMS

Is your hair course or thinner?  Do you flat iron? Do you condition? I would suggest looking for some kind of Sexy hair product- they have quite a few products for different hair needs. I like their big sexy hair because it keeps my hair under control, but they also have a silky sexy hair, and another one for curls.

Anonymous said: my hair usually forms these chunky ends and they usually go in random directions. I'm not sure if it's because my hair is straight or thick. Do you know any tips/tricks/products that can help?

Hmm, it would depend on if your hair is dry, frizzy, etc. I would try finding a product designed for the ends of your hair. Most brands have some type of finishing product or cream for the ends of your hair. 

Do you flat iron? Because if you do, I just tried a sample of the Tressemme 7 day keratin product and HOLY CATS IT’S GREAT!! I was REALLY skeptical after seeing the commercials, but I got a sample with my shampoo last week so I gave it a try.  Not only did it last longer than the 3 washes it said it would last through (it lasted 7), it totally works! It even works a bit without the heat activation. There were a couple days I was feeling lazy and didn’t flat iron my hair and it still had less frizz overall than usual. You can get it for a little less than $7 at Wal-Mart.

aunt-google-official said: Hey! So I am wondering if it is natural to lose a lot of hair when showering and combing it out after showering. I have pretty thick hair and always have and I clog up the drain and when I finish combing it out, it leaves behind a wad or two of hair. Anything I can do?

It’s normal. People lose hair from brushing/showering. If you suddenly start losing more than usual, then it’s cause for concern, but if it’s the same as always, it’s totally normal. (not much you can do about it)

Anonymous said: I have a problem with my thick hair, and the problem is dandruff .-. Every single time, I think that my scalp is all clean but NOOO, dandruff keeps coming back and and it sucks man. I distinctly remember that I didnt have this problem before around middle school days but when it came around high shool. I CANT WASH IT PROPERLY ANYMORE HELP PLS

I would either try Head and Shoulders, or if it’s REALLY serious, go to your doctor, especially if you have eczema or psoriasis, because they have prescription shampoos to treat that on your scalp.

Anonymous said: I have natural really thick hair but I found a solution; go to your hairdresser and ask them to use a special comb to thin out your hair (don't know if that's the phrase, English isn't my first language). It makes your hair way easier to manage, it'll feel less heavy and you'll love it! Don't know if this is helpfull or if you know this already but yeah :)

Yes, you can have them thin your hair! Alot of athletes I know do that.

But one thing to keep in mind is it’s thin until it grows out (which takes longer than growing out a cut) so if you think you might change your mind after a time, I’d think carefully about this option.

Anonymous said: I have thick, frizzy, dry hair, that's past shoulder length and it's a challenge to deal with it all the time because it looks like a lions mane when its out. Does anyone know any tips to make dry,thick, frizzy hair silky smooth like other people's hair? I recently stopped using shampoo and only using conditioner now but idk what to do? #sickofdryhair

I would recommend finding a shampoo specifically for dry hair. I’d also try a leave in conditioner and avoid using heat if you can, or be REALLY diligent about using heat protecting spray. Tresemme and Garnier have great frizz control products. 

Has anyone used the shampoo/conditioner that Tresemme has that is supposed to be activated by your flat iron?

Anonymous said: I've had Thick, dry, frizzy hair all my life and I want to make it silky smooth, so it feels good, doesn't look dry and more manageable! Any tips?? I recently stopped using shampoo and only use conditioner and after applying conditioner I rinse it with cold water??? Thanks x.

Make sure you’re using a moisturizing conditioner. You might also find a shampoo for dry or dry/brittle hair and use it once or twice a week. Try a leave in conditioner in addition to your regular conditioner. Avoid Mousse if you can, it tends to be drying. Both Garnier and Tresemme have REALLY good anti frizz products. 

Anonymous said: Hello there! Having thick hair has always been a bane to brush and clean. Even after getting a military cut 3 weeks ago, my hair has already become thick again. The local humidity and summer heat has only made it greasier and my thick hair with my somewhat short cut had made my scalp feel slimy and condensed. I've even found several dry, flaky spots on my scalp. Even after washing how some online articles suggest, I still don't feel clean or see improvement. I need some advice :/

Head and Shoulders is GREAT. It helps your scalp and keeps your hair clean. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Tresemme shampoos and conditioners. they make several different types, so I would find one for flake control. How much do you use? I use way more than the recommended amount because I have ALOT of hair. Do you wash your hair every day? I also keep dry shampoo on hand for days where I know my hair will be super greasy by the time I decide to go out later.

Anonymous said: i have hair thats super thick and its like curly some days, straight some days, and the worst thing is i dont think curling or straightening makes my hair any more manageable. :/

What do you mean? What happens when you straighten it? What products do you use? How do you curl it?

Anonymous said: #topknotforlife

My head weighs a ton when I wear a top knot or a high bun.

kissmeimirish242 said: I have super straight hair. And I hate it. Any ideas of how to change it up?

You can get a perm to have permanently curly hair (and by permanent, a few months) or if you don’t want to do that, I find that hot rollers work better than a curling iron (and go faster because I have ALOT of hair and it doesn’t like to be straight or super curly) you can also try pin or rag curls at night if you don’t like using heat on your hair. 

Anonymous said: For the longest time, I have had long, super thick hair. I always got compliments on how pretty it was. My hair is my baby. I had grown it halfway down my back. Well, today I did something incredibly stupid. I decided to let my stylist layer my hair. I did this because she charges me 1/3 of the usual price since I am her "walking advertisement". I COMPLETELY REGRET IT. My hair feels SO much thinner and only looks a tad longer than shoulder length. I hate it, and now I want to cry. I HATE IT.

UGh I’m sorry! That happened to me once! I went in for a trim and lost over a foot (I could tuck it into my belt but when I left it barely came down to my bra latch.) I don’t know why, but stylists can’t seem to layer long hair (if you know one that can LET ME KNOW!) I tried to explain to mine “just make each layer longer than you normally do” but instead she chopped off over a foot, cut it crooked because she started tapering the ends with out asking, then asked and I said no, and she pretended nothing happened. My bangs were cut all the way to my ear and way too thick. And in the end, my hair wasn’t layered. The whole experience was awful in every way.

I wonder if the thinness is due to the layers? I don’t know- mine wasn’t actually layered, it just felt thinner.

If I were you, I’d go in and explain what you don’t like so that they’re aware. You might get your money back, you might not. As for your hair, I know the feeling of HATING it. When I hated my hair cut, I dyed it (I use the 28 washes dye because my hair is [usually] too long to commit to a color) and that at least gave me something to take the edge off.  It’s a waiting game until it grows out again.