Thick Hair Problems

notcreativesorryia asked: Do you know of any good flat irons? (For thick wavy hair)

Ceramic. As far as brands I believe mine is a Conair? (I don’t use it much, my hair doesn’t like to be straight.) But go for the ceramic plates and adjustable temperature.

cashmerekatt asked: Okay so I have thick wavy hair up UNTILL yesterday it was halfwa down my back and completely fine. I was bored and decided to be dumb an cut at least 6inches off by myself. Then i had to cut 2 inches more bcuz I it it uneven. So now my hair is in this ugly shoulder length bob and I swear to god I look like the little girl from the willy wonks movie, the one who turned blue. I hate It when I washed it, my hair got really poofy around the ends so I ended up having 2straighten WHAT CAN I DO2 fix it

Go to a hair salon. Explain what the issue is and work with the stylist to find a haircut that works.

bandom-pride asked: So I have a little longer than shoulder length, curly thick hair, and have no idea what to do with it!! Almost every day I end up puling my hair back because I just have no idea about what looks good and what's fairly easy. Do you have any suggestions about thick hair care and some easy hair styles?

it depends on how you part your hair. I’d suggest looking up hairstyles for your length and go from there. As far as care, conditioner is your best friend, and I always keep hairspray, mousse, and sometimes either an anti humidity spray, or the light spray gel (not the super thick stuff) on hand.  These links might help you out.

cavebitchwizardmothinspace asked: So I am currently growing out a pixie cut. I have horribly incredibly thick hair, and I'm not sure I know how to go about this. Any suggestions? If you look on my blog you'll see how it is long compared to short and see what I mean. Any help would be much appreciated

I would look up different styles you like for different lengths, or change up the way you part it/wear it as it grows out so you can manage it. Decide if you want to wear it up or down most of the time. 


Hairdresser: do you like it?
Me: yes thank you

*goes home and cries*

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Anonymous asked: I have thick shoulder length hair that is wavy. After I take showers, my hair poofs out when it dries. I would love to wear my hair down one day and not have to straighten it. Is there a product I can use to put in my hair after taking a shower so that it won't poof out like that?

I’ve used Big Sexy Hair before and liked it. otherwise I’d suggest either mousse or something like that.

Anonymous asked: My hair is thick, wavy, and super frizzy. Even if I go out with it looking manageable, in an hour I'll look into a mirror and IT'S A FRIZZY DISASTER. Are there any hair masks (homemade or product, idc) or hair products that will make my hair soft and shiny and frizz-free?

I don’t know about homemade products, because I don’t use them, but look for products that are moisturizing. It helps to control the frizz. Also, keep dryer sheets with you, especially in the winter because they reduce static and help to control frizz.

Anonymous asked: I have no idea how to style my thick hair, and I'm sick of putting it in a low pony tail all the time. Do you have any suggestions for an everyday look?

I’d wear it down a few days, figure out what the tendencies of your hair- like, mine tends to get curlier as the day goes even if I flat iron it.  Then from there figure out what kind of hair you have and look up styles for your hair type/length.  I’d also suggest getting goody spin clips because they are AMAZING and can hold my long think hair in a bun or twist all day.

Anonymous asked: I really have thick hair which is up until my waist. My only problem is, the end tips of my hair has this curly effect which annoys the hell out of me. Its not the kind of curly that is nice its like a sea waved looking in every strand of my hair. I cut my hair so that it'll be gone but by the following day it comes back

I’d use a flat iron. 

stillsketchy asked: I've heard seven oil helps with fly-always.

Anonymous asked: About the anon with really thick curly hair, sometimes anti-frizzing gel makes thick hair thinner.

I would suggest anti-frizz spray, personally.

24keres asked: I have super thick wavy/curly hair that is being weighed down, I think by the conditioner I am using, and won't keep any curl! Any suggestions for products that could help with this?

I use Tresseme conditioner and I love it. I was using Dove, but it made my hair feel greasy (I have super oily hair already) I switched to Herbal Essence and it made my hair feel waxy. So far this one is pretty light. I’d also suggest a moisturizing conditioner, or if you color your hair use a color treatment conditioner (or try one anyway- they’re usually gentler). 

I’d also suggest finding a good product- mousse, hairspray, or the like, to use anyway because thick hair can weigh itself down if it’s long enough (mine is down to my waist and heavy enough that it has trouble curling) that will help it keep it from being weighed down.

what do i doooo

guyyssss i have extremly frizzzy hair which is also really dry. iv never done anything majorly bad to my hair and i dnt know why its like this. i know ull say dont apply heat but when i straighten my hair it actually helps… it makes it less frizzy.  iwas thinking on getting my hair permanently straightened. any thoughts?


Some people have naturally dry hair. it’s pretty common. I’d suggest shampoos and conditioners that are moisturizing. (intense moisture if the brand has it) if you’re into the natural route, olive oil is really good for your hair. 

I’d be weary of chemically straightening your hair, I’ve had friends who did it and it dried out their hair even more.  If you can find a moisturizing product that works well, that should control the frizz.

memoriesihaveofyou asked: I have long thick hair and I try to braid it into sections so that it comes out like mermaid hair but mine just ends up becoming a big poof ball. Anything you can suggest to help me. I don't use hair products when I do this so if you have a suggestion I would appreciate it thanks :)

I would use some kind of hair product, either a light spray gel (Garnier has a spray gel- but I wouldn’t use anything stronger than light because it’s really thick and gloppy), a mousse (I like Suave and Tresseme), or hair spray. A friend of mine uses a dry shampoo, but I’ve never tried it. You can also use an anti humidity spray, or a smoothing cream. It depends on the texture of your hair.